Valves Classes

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Class of a valve is an identity of pressure-temperature rating for a specific body material. For example, we have an A216 Grade WCB carbon steel as a valve body material. This A216 Gr. WCB in the ASME/ANSI B16.34 has a pressure VS temperature table that specifies the working pressure for the operating temperature given. If our A216 Gr. WCB valves have a Class 600 then it means it could be used on temperature 300 F with maximum working pressure 1310 psig.

Since valve class has a relationship with pressure-temperature, the one who determine the operating pressure of a valve will be a process engineer. Overall, this pressure-temperature will be used by piping engineer to make a document named piping class data sheet. This data sheet will specify the pipe classification based on their used for certain application.

For example, a valve in the outlet of slug catcher separator was in the line no. 4″-D23-PL-63-921. It means the class of valve shall be appropriate with the pipe class D23. Let’s say the pipe in the piping class data sheet section D23 have a class 1500. Then the valve will also have a class 1500. The instrument engineer must do is check every class given are appropriate with the design temperature and design pressure as per ASME B16.34 determined by process engineer.


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