Orifice Flow Meter Theoretical Straight Run Requirement

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Orifice Flow Meter Theoretical Straight Run Requirement

As we know (from Orifice Plate Flow Conditions Requirement) the orifice flow meter has a requirement of its flow condition which is shall be a fully developed and swirl-free flow. There are two methods to achieve this requirement, by using a certain straight run upstream and downstream of the orifice plate and or by using a flow conditioner to reduce the required straight run requirement. ISO 5167-2 dictates the requirement of the minimum straight run in the upstream and downstream of the orifice plate. See below visualization of the ISO 5167-2 for the upstream and downstream straight run requirement.

Please take a note that the ISO 5167-2 straight run requirement is based on actual test with a very long straight run on the upstream of the fitting (90 degree bend, reducer, etc) being tested. In practice this is almost impossible to follow and therefore ISO 5167-2 give guidance on how to use the requirement in practice by combining the available fittings test data.

See Orifice Flow Meter Practical Straight Run Requirement for more detail regarding the example of practical way to implement the orifice straight run requirement.


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